8 ways to stay connected while traveling abroad

How to stay connected while traveling abroad - Man on the beach using his telephone

Just a few years ago you wouldn’t even have to think about keeping in touch with your followers, or about updating your Facebook status while on vacation.  Nowadays you have to upload amazing travel photos to your Instagram,  make sure your snapchat following know what you’re up to, and let LinkedIn know how your using your downtime to gain new perspectives at work. That’s why we created this guide to help you stay connected while traveling abroad!

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1 – Take your charger!

Seems pretty obvious, right?  So many people forget their charger, or even leave them plugged in at the airport before their flight!

Make sure you have at least two chargers with you, one for using at your hotel room, and another for when you’re out and about and need to charge your phone at a café.

2 – Pack a power bank

If you’re planning to go off the beaten trail during your trip, you might not have much access to a power supply, especially if you’re heading into the Mexican countryside for the day.

Your followers need to know exactly what you’re doing, and they need photos of your every meal!  That’s why you should make sure to take an external battery, also known as a power bank.  These are usually compact and inexpensive, and you can even get solar powered power banks, just in case you fancy spending a few days away from civilization

3 – Use a power adapter

In some countries, power sockets might be different than in your country.  Make sure to look into what kind of sockets are used, and if needed get yourself an adapter.  If you’re on a multi-country trip, you should probably get a universal adapter to save you filling your bag up with them!

Also check your smart device manufacturer, as companies such as Apple provide device-specific adapters for extra safety and better performance!

4 – Get an international data plan

Most carriers now offer some sort of flexible data plan while traveling abroad, and the majority of companies in Canada, USA, and Mexico let customers roam between the three countries with no extra charges when using data, calls, and messages. 

However, if you’re thinking of heading to a country which doesn’t allow roaming on your current plan, get an international data plan to stay up to date with all the unmissable activity on the internet

5 – Use local wi-fi

If you don’t want to be connected all day every day, you could always just use the internet when you have access to a wi-fi connection. That’s what people used to do to stay connected while traveling abroad, back in the olden days!

Practically all accommodation has wi-fi these days, and a lot of public places like cafes and even transport have wireless internet.  When traveling in a city, your best bet is to find a Starbucks coffee shop, they always have free wi-fi!

6 – Buy a local SIM card

Make sure your phone is unlocked before you travel, that way you’ll be able to buy a local SIM card and use data and calls as you usually would! 

Check which carrier and plan is best for what you need and ask at your hotel or tourist information point where you can buy a SIM card.

In Mexico, SIM cards only cost about $4 USD and are available at most OXXO and 7-Eleven stores!

7 – Download all the apps you need

Make sure you have all your travel apps downloaded and up to date before your trip. 

A great app for finding free wi-fi spots is the aptly named Free Wi-Fi, allowing you to find the nearest open network, perfect for when you’re low on data or can’t find a Starbucks!

The best app (in our humble and unbiased opinion) for quickly booking cheap flights and getting all your flight information in real-time directly to your phone is the shiny and sleek Interjet App.

8 – Download maps

Let’s be honest, nobody uses physical maps while traveling anymore (maybe some of our dads do, but nobody else), so Google Maps usually comes to the rescue when exploring a new city on vacation. 

But what if you don’t have any data and can’t find a wi-fi connection?  Not to worry, Google has you covered even in offline situations!

Here’s a guide to how to download a local area map for Google maps on Android, and here’s how to do it on the Apple Maps app. 

Hopefully you’ll find these tips helpful, now you just need to pick a destination and book your flight!