Road Trip through Baja California

road trip through baja californiaA road trip through Baja California is without your next best adventure. It is also the perfect destination for those who like long trips, lots of food, sun, sand, sea and fun. This peninsula has it all, from Magic Towns to wonderful deserts and islands, even large cities which will make your trip unforgettable with all its great biodiversity. Whether you decide to start from the North, flying to Tijuana and start from there; or fly to San José del Cabo and travel the peninsula by car from South to North, a roadtrip through Baja California will make you fall in love with one of the best destinations in Mexico. Here you will find a map we drew with several stops to make your trip a success…

First stop: Los Cabos

Located between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, Los Cabos is the most visited destination in Baja California Sur. This is due to the great infrastructure that has been put in place with the goal of making it a great tourist destination. The truth is that Los Cabos is also an excellent starting point to fully explore the peninsula.

Before leaving, visit El Tecolote Beach, a favorite for locals who enjoy its calm waters. Take a boat and navigate the famous Cabo San Lucas Arch or take a walk through that paradise called Cabo Pulmo.

Find your peace in La Paz

La Paz is a beautiful city that offers tourists a wide range of possibilities, from visiting museums – such as the Whale Museum – to walking along its esplanade, tasting the best of its gastronomy, whale-watching or snorkeling and diving.

Unlike Los Cabos, La Paz has a wide offer of beautiful virgin beaches where you can just lay back and chill. Dare to explore them and we can assure that one of them will surely become your favorite. Don’t forget to let us know which beach in La Paz was your favorite!

Paradise awaits at Balandra Beach

Balandra Beach is 20 km from La Paz and is famous for being one of the few places that have not undergone human intervention, being listed as a Protected Natural Area. Bathed in the beautiful waters of the Sea of Cortez, Balandra is a perfect place for walking, camping or kayaking.

Getting to this beach is very simple: just take the La Paz-Balandra road from the municipality of La Paz and in 30 minutes you will find yourself immersed into the beauty of this Protected Natural Area. If you want to learn more about this place, read our full article and let yourself be seduced by Balandra Beach.

Next stop: Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a Magical Town settled on a plateau at the shore of the Sierra de La Laguna, which is privileged by a mild climate. It was formerly home to important sugar mills that provided abundance to its inhabitants. Overexploitation ended with the resources that maintained the industry and what was left from that splendor was a beautiful town with Californian-style houses that offers tourists a unique experience when visiting it.

Weather in Todos Santos ranges from 18°C to 28°C throughout the year, which makes it a fresh oasis in the middle of the South Californian desert.

The Vizcaino Desert: a golden dream

Continue your road trip through Baja California in The Vizcaino Desert, a protected area with 2,546,790 hectares, and home to many beautiful species. Here you will find unique animals, such as leatherback – the largest of all sea turtles – and loggerhead turtles, majestic maroon sheep, golden eagles, peregrine falcons, seals, dolphins and pelicans.

This desert is located in the Municipality of Mulegé and due to its location. As a result, it has a dry desert climate; quite warm, although in winter it gets cold and with abundant rains. The Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve was included in the list of World Heritage Sites and you will be surprised to find various ecosystems in addition to the semi-desert landscapes: dunes, mangroves and lagoon complexes that shelter every year the gray whale that comes here to reproduce and take care of their calves.

Go camping at the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir

After marveling at the beaches and deserts of Baja California Sur, get ready to be surprised by the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir.

This mountain range hides precious secrets that will leave you awestruck. Its rivers, caves and waterfalls are so beautiful that you will need several days to discover them all. Furthermore, this place is perfect for hiking and camping in one of its mountains; yes, wear warm clothes because you might get to see a snowfall.

Then, we recommend you to end your day at the San Pedro Mártir National Astronomical Observatory; one of the best places to watch the amazing show the stars put out for us every night.

Ensenada, the Cinderella of the Pacific

Ensenada is the perfect starting point to get to know the northern part of the peninsula. Being one of the largest cities, it is a destination that offers a wide variety of activities. Ensenada is located 128 kilometers from San Diego, so it is visited by Californians looking for its vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine.

As you pass through Ensenada, let yourself be surprised by the incredible sound produced by La Bufadora, a marine geyser – the second largest in the world. From there, you can also take the Wine Route, a journey of flavor that will make you fall in love with its wide variety of cheeses and wines.

Besides, the weather in Ensenada is always mild, so pack your bags and discover this beautiful destination.

Close on a kitsch note with Tijuana

Your road trip through Baja California is almost over, and the next stop is Tijuana. Known as Mexico’s corner and it is not surprising that the largest city in Baja California has become the most visited border city in the world. Its eclectic vibe and vibrant nightlife make Tijuana a place you should visit. In the land of the margarita, take the opportunity to enjoy the Baja Med gastronomy and stroll along the Revolución Avenue.

Tijuana will always give you unforgettable adventures: take a photo with a zebra donkey or next to a woman over 10 meters tall.

In addition to all the incredible things that this destination offers you, San Diego is so close that you could continue your trip through California: now, that sounds fun, don’t you think so?

It’s time to start one of the most unforgettable road trips in your life: book your flight to Baja California now!