Discover a new way to travel with Interjet

Being for business or leisure, making the right choices can make your travel experience an outstanding one. Every detail counts when you are looking or a trip you will fondly remember. For us it’s important to provide you with the kind of service you deserve so you begin to enjoy your trip from the moment you book your flight tickets. These are some of the benefits you receive every time you travel with Interjet.

More baggage

Whatever fare class you chose and whatever destination you’re flying to, you’ll always get 2 carry-on bags weighing up to 10 kg (22 lb) total combined weight. One can be a carry-on sized suitcase or roller bag, and the other a personal item such as a handbag, laptop case, small backpack, purse, or camera bag.

Take with you everything you need

Interjet allows you to bring up to 5 extra pieces of 25 kg (55 lb) each. It is important to consider that you will have to pay an additional fee from $550 MXN (on routes within Mexico), $30 USD (on routes from/to Latin America or the United States) or $36 CAD (on routes from/to Canada), for the first extra piece you add to your checked baggage allowance. From the second piece of extra baggage up to the fifth, you will be charged a different price.

Travel with your best pal

In Interjet we are animal lovers! Just like our passengers can travel especially comfortable in any of our planes, we want that pets also live a great experience when flying with us.

Comfort at the best price

Our airplanes offer 20 % more legroom than other low-cost airlines.

Senior citizens discount

For leisure or business, if you are 65 years old or over, you can have an exclusive 15% discount in your purchases on Interjet when booking your flight with an Optima or Priority fare. This includes domestic and international destinations.

Manage everything related to your trip with your fingertips

Our mobile app gives you access to offers and discounts that you won’t find anywhere else. Get your booking information straight to your phone, receive real-time flight status updates, and save your credit card and passport details for easy access.

Get the best deals

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