7 best zoos in Mexico for a fun family day out!

Best zoos in Mexico, giant panda eating a stick

Mexico’s natural beauty and impressive biodiversity attracts tourists from all over the world.  But if you’re looking to get up close and personal with animals from Mexico and from overseas, visiting a Zoo might be your best bet.  Read on for our list of the best zoos in Mexico for a fun-packed family day out!

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1 – Zoofari

Founded with the mission of protecting and preserving endangered animals, Zoofari has become one of Mexico’s most important wildlife rescue and conservation centers.  Just 50km from Cuernavaca, Zoofari is only reachable by car. 

Once you get there you’ll be blown away by the variety of incredible animals.  There are over 1,000 animals in the center, all of which can be seen from the comfort of your car.  See zebras, ostriches, tigers, flamingos, jaguars, crocodiles, and much more!  

There are plenty of activities for kids, too.  Pony and camel riding, zip lines, and lama feeding are just a few of the things that’ll keep them entertained all day long!

2 – Crococún Zoo

Can you imagine being able to walk among a group of huge crocodiles?  Well, that’s possible thanks to one of Mexico’s most unique zoos: Crococún Zoo.

Located just a few minutes away from Puerto Morelos in Cancun, Crococún Zoo prides itself on offering an interactive and fun way to learn about reptiles and mammals from Mexico and beyond. 

Take a 75-minute tour of the zoo and you’ll get the chance to hold some animals, as well as feed the resident spider monkeys.

3 – Africam Safari

Well known for being one of the best zoos in Mexico, Africam Safari is home to over 3,000 animals of various species. 

Africam Safari is located on the outskirts of Puebla city, and offers safari style tours where you can get a close look at rhinos, elephants, giraffes, lions, and tigers.  Some of these animals are more active at night, so the park offers night tours that are just as interesting as the day tours.

The park also has bird feeding stations, a lizard house, and a bird of prey area where you might be lucky enough to feed a wild animal with the help of the zoo’s expert staff. 

Feeling hungry after all that animal spotting?  The zoo has several on-site restaurants and cafés, serving everything from stone-baked pizza to traditional Mexican food.

4 – Zacango Zoo

This incredible zoo is just 30 minutes away from Toluca in the State of Mexico.  Spanning over almost 400 acres, Zacango Zoo houses over 130 species of wild animals, most of which are endangered.  The zoo has been listed as a Protected Natural Aera since 1981 and has long been at the forefront of animal conservation in Mexico. 

The zoo attracts visitors with its large aviary, and monkey, carnivore, herbivore displays.  What really draws big crowds are its famous Africa exhibit which houses lions, giraffes, and several huge snakes. 

Take a walking tour through the zoo, or the train tour if you’re visiting with young children.

5 – Zoo Guadalajara

Guadalajara offers one of the most complete zoo experiences in Mexico at the Zoológico y Safari de Guadalajara

The zoo is known for its expansive aquarium where you’ll find tropical fish, stingrays, and even a few sharks!  The zoo is also home to penguins, a polar bear, chimpanzees, wolves, and bison. 

The zoo’s biggest attraction is the Masai Mara Safari where visitors take an open bus tour to see different types of African animals.  Get a look at rhinos, elephants, and giraffes as they go about their daily business!  Afterwards, take a walk around the replica Masai village and learn about one of Africa’s most important cultures.

6 – Chapultepec Zoo

The Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico City has been working on wildlife conservation for decades, and currently houses over 1,200 animals of 220 different species.  Standing at the heart of Mexico City’s largest park, Chapultepec Zoo offers the chance to see some of the world’s most endangered animals.     

The zoo’s snake house is particularly famous thanks to the large variety of snakes, lizards, spiders, and insects on display.

7 – Tuzoofari

With over 200 animal species and covering 150 acres of land, Tuzoofari is one of the best zoos in Mexico and is located just a few minutes from the city of Pachuca in Hidalgo state. 

Take your own vehicle or get on the safari bus for a chance to see jaguars, lions, tigers, hippos, giraffes, yaks, mountain goats, and several types of birds.  After your safari tour, head to the reptile house where you’ll see all sorts of slithery creatures up close. 

The zoo also has a petting farm, a zip line and an on-site cinema!  If you visit after dark, the zoo offers special night tours to get a closer look at some of their nocturnal animals in action.

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