6 best things to see and do in Bogotá, Colombia

things to do in Bogota - View of bogota from a green hill

Colombia’s capital city is where colonial architecture meets soaring skyscrapers, and urban style is perfectly complemented by sprawling green spaces.  Bogotá is the place to visit if you’re looking for a city break filled with culture and history.  Not sure what to do while visiting the Colombian capital?  Check out our top 6 things to do in Bogota! 

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1 – Monserrate hill

Monserrate Hill Bogota - green trees and church building in bogota, best things to do in bogota.

Monserrate hill dominates the capital’s skyline standing at over 10,000 feet above sea level at its peak, and is one of the top things to do in Bogota.  Get to the top on the cliff railway and enjoy one of the best views in Colombia! 

The Basilica of Monserrate overlooks the city below, and pilgrims flock here year-round from all over the country.  

If you’re feeling energetic, ditch the cliff railway and walk to the top!  Make sure you’re in good physical condition and that you have plenty of water with you, it’s a challenging walk!

Lucky for you there are plenty of eating options on Monserrate hill, from inexpensive snacks to fancy three course meals. For more Colombian food inspiration, click here!

2 – Gold Museum

Gold Museum Bogota - best things to do

Bogota is full of museums, but nothing quite compares with the Gold Museum.  Over 35,000 pieces of art and historic artefacts attract huge numbers of tourists every year, making this one of the most popular museums in South America. 

The museum houses the largest collection of gold artifacts in the world, many of which are from the region’s pre-Hispanic civilizations, offering a unique insight into Colombia’s past.

3 – Botero Museum

Museo Botero Bogota - man looking at paintings

Museo Botero, located in Bogota’s historic center, is one of Colombia’s most important museums and art collections. 

The museum’s exhibits contain over 200 of the country’s most recognizable and iconic works of art, most of which from artist Fernando Botero.  Other works include paintings from Monet and Degas.

Museo Botero also sometimes has visiting exhibits and events from other parts of the country or from overseas!

4 – Bogota Botanical Garden

Bogota Botanical Garden - lake and green plants

Bogota’s Botanical Garden serves as both an important scientific research center, and one of the city’s main tourist attractions.

The botanical garden was founded in 1985 to study endangered plants native to Colombia, while educating the general population on environmental conservation.

Spend the afternoon roaming among the garden’s huge collection of colorful plants from all over Colombia, you won’t even notice that you’re in the middle of one of the continent’s biggest cities!

5 – Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park

Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park

This is one of Bogota’s biggest green spaces and has become the city’s main meetup point for locals and tourists alike. 

The park has several children’s play areas, a cycle and running track, a huge lake, lookout points, and events area, and a picnic area.  What more could you want from a city park?

There are often free public concerts, dancing events, and art exhibitions in the park, check out the city’s event calendar!

6 – La Chorrera Waterfall

La Chorrera Waterfall Bogota

If you’re looking for a daytrip out of the city, La Chorrera Waterfall is one of your best options! 

At an impressive 590 meters, La Chorrera is Colombia’s highest waterfall.  Located about an hour and a half outside Bogota, it’s perfect for getting some fresh air and for getting your heart rate up.  Endless hiking trails, lush green forests, and biodiverse protected areas attracts outdoorsy locals and tourists in the summer months. 

Guided hiking tours take you to the area’s most interesting spots and offer a great explanation of local flora and fauna.  If it’s a hot day, take a dip at the bottom of the waterfall!

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